Electronic Burette

Microlit E-Burette is a state of the art, motor operated electronic burette, designed to give highest accuracy. With an automatic filling and dispensing, interactive graphical UI, touch screen enabled control panel and three different dispensing speeds, this burette is the leading solution for performing accurate titration in real lab conditions. With a recently introduced 'One Touch, One Drop' feature, the E-Burette enables the users to dispense a drop of 10 µL. This upgrade makes a highly controlled dispensing possible, with an exceptional accuracy of ±0.05%.

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The product is avaialble in three different capacities: 10 ml, 25 ml and 50 ml.

Model No. Capacity (ml) Increment (µl) Accuracy (+/- %) Accuracy (+/- µl) CV (+/- %) CV (+/- µl)
TI-10 10 5 0.10 10 0.050 5
TI-25 25 10 0.07 18 0.024 6
TI-50 50 10 0.05 25 0.020 10



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