Digital Marketing Elements

Targeted Banner Ads

PharmaSupplier Online,, PharmaSupplier SMART-Event web pages*, audience extension on LinkedIn etc.

Targeted Video Teaser Ad

max. 20 sec video running across PharmaSupplier Online, extended beyond PharmaSupplier to select web properties.

Standard Featured Article or Infographic

distributed on PharmaSupplier Online.


featured on your company’s profile page, distributed on PharmaSupplier Online and featured as “recommended content” alongside similar articles.

Webinar, Trend Report, Custom Trend Report or Custom Whitepaper

incl. infographic.

Direct-email campaign

To your engaged audience: Invitation to register or gain early access to your content To your non-engaged audience: extended marketing campaign.

Elements of Partnership

Let us know your preferred selection criteria and we’ll build a campaign that targets and delivers that audience.

Access to opted-in, first-party, qualified pharma buyers Full support from an experienced Pharma Suppliers team of digital consultants for the whole duration of your campaign.

Access to creative support from simple feedback and editing, to full content creation and design work.

Real-time campaign reporting with insights into the behaviours of your selected target audience.

Lead qualification and validation support, including arranging your business meetings.

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